Photo 101 ~ Weekend Two: Play with Light – My Garden Herb   4 comments

Photo 101 ~ Weekend Two: Play with Light

My Garden Herb
Currently with the heat wave and hot weather in the country, it is extremely to take any photographs without overexposure. Temperatures are soaring upwards towards the 40’s degrees Celsius. The only solution is to go to my small garden to shoot my “curry leaves” bush at different times except mornings as I wake up late. This herb gives a special aromatic smell and flavour when these leaves are added to the curry and cooked with it.

SP Lim

Photo101 001-001

Photo101 002-001

Photo101 005

Photo101 009

Photo101 013

Photo101 019

Photo101 021

Photo101 034

The different times of the captures are shown on each of the photographs above. Flash was used in the last two photographs as it was very difficult to focus on the plant in the darkness.

SP Lim


Weekend Two: Play with Light
It’s weekend two of our photography course!

For those who want to practice, revisit these points on the quality of light, and how light varies throughout the day:

Dawn — before sunrise — can cast a cool blue light, with no shadows.
Later in the morning, the light tends to be neutral — and to some, ideal.
At midday, the sun reaches its highest point, resulting in dark shadows.
Later in the day, in the “golden hour” before sunset, daylight grows softer and redder, creating a magical atmosphere.
These are just guidelines, of course. Factors can change these conditions, including weather, location, and the time of year.

Photo – not included

A tunnel entrance to a casino on Macau’s glitzy Cotai Strip, full of light and mind-bending design.

Weekend mini-projects:

Study light throughout the day. Select one location or object to which you’ll return to see how the light changes — and how it affects this particular shot. Snap test shots during each session, so you can compare the results.
If you don’t want to limit yourself to one location or subject, look for unexpected angles from which to take your images. Take note of how new POVs invite different types of light.
After your shoot, compile up to ten shots, and sprinkle them into a post (or create a gallery). Don’t forget to add captions to your images — describing the weather and shooting conditions, for instance — and tag your post, too.

Feel free to take a breather, or use the time to catch up — these weekend ideas are optional!

Josh R. and the Team


“Play with Light” Photo Gallery

From my Photo Archives to illustrate the photographs that were taken at different times of the day ie from early dawn till night.

Birds on the wire.

Early birds catch the worms at dawn.Time was 8.11 am.

Sunrise at Hean Boo Thean

Sunrise Outing at Hean Boo Thean – Floating Kuan Yin Temple with photograph taken at 8.18 am.


The Penang Island and Butterworth Ferry is docking at late morning. Time was 8.51 am.

Perlis Landscape

Landscape of the lake in Perlis, taken at 2.06 pm.


The Mesjid Kapitan Keling or the Captain Keling Mosque of George Town, Penang at dusk. Time was 7.17 pm.

Blue Hour

Taken at the blue hour of the Komtar from Lok Thye Koo Restaurant. Time was 7.34 pm.

Floating Kuan Yin Temple

The Floating Kuan Yin Temple of Hean Boo Thean at night. Time was 7.46 pm.

These photographs from my Photo Archives, were taken at different from early dawn till late at night.

SP Lim


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  1. They are all so beautiful photographs, but especially the last one fascinated me with the reflections of the lights, Thank you, Blessing and Happiness, Love, nia

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  2. Very wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing!


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