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Cheng Beng for my late wife   4 comments

Cheng Beng

Niche of my paternal Grandfather, the late Lim Chong Poh who passed away in th 1930’s thus no photograph as yet until I find one.

Cheng Beng for my late wife

We had a Cheng Beng prayers for my late wife, Saw Ai, my paternal grandfather – Lim Chong Poh and grand-uncle – Lim Chong Pin, at the niches of Wat Chaiya Mangalaram Thai Buddhist Temple, Burmah Lane, Penang. my future niche for my ashes is there beside my wife when I “kick the bucket” (pass away) in future. Life is uncertain but death is certain, as the Buddha said. We chose a week day ie Wednesday, March 30, 2016 as there shall be lesser devotees.

The prayers went smoothly with my mother and family members; and ended with burning of joss papers – a old traditional Taoist practice that is difficult to forego even as Buddhists.

SP Lim

ASA Grandpa ChengBeng 004

ASA Grandpa ChengBeng 005

ASA Grandpa ChengBeng 008

ASA Grandpa ChengBeng 013

ASA Grandpa ChengBeng 018

ASA Grandpa ChengBeng 035

Cheng Beng

Our 2016 Cheng Beng or Tomb Sweeping Prayers to my late Wife, Grandfather and grand-uncle in Penang.

I have to upload this post first as my internet is extremely slow and unstable.

SP Lim
ASA Grandpa ChengBeng 039

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