Fellowship Dinner of former class-mates   6 comments

Fellowship Dinner of former class-mates

We met and had dinner with Hock Eng, Marilyn, Dr B.S. Quah & Mrs Quah and Dr P.C. Wong & Mrs Wong now residing in Singapore on Sunday, April 3, 2016 at Foong Wei Heong Restaurant, Penang. Food here was delicious and the patrons at this restaurant were just numerous with tables placed outside the restaurant. So, I had a dinner with these three professional class-mates as Hock Eng is in share-broking business and I am just a lowly retired pharmacist. I had not met Dr Wong since I left Penang Free School in 1970 until 2014 during a Reunion Event. Dr Quah is always in Penang after he graduated from the University of Singapore.

We shall meet again on October 21, 2016 for our Penang Free School Bicentenary (200 Years’ Anniversary) Dinner in Green Lane, Penang.

Till we meet again.

SP Lim


6 responses to “Fellowship Dinner of former class-mates

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  1. It is wonderful to meet again, with old friends.It looks like a delightful evening. Peace to you and yours and all, SP Lim.

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  2. To most photographers, only a landscape, a flower would inspire them to pick up the camera. I am guilty of this as well. In your snaps, I see how you meticulously shoot events, people, and activities. Your photos are a story by themselves, and the narration of content can take the reader to the actual event in itself. You have the talent to bring your views to blog. I would like to nominate you for the Liebster Award 2016, if you would like to accept, please follow this link to answer 11 questions I posted to my nominees.



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  3. Crucial appointment with doctor on coming Monday. Thank you for the thought.


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