Shopping in Little India of Penang   6 comments

Shopping in Little India of Penang

Mazu HYM Bday 056

Mazu HYM Bday 060

Mazu HYM Bday 064

Mazu HYM Bday 070

Latest development on my Malaysian Internet:-

11/5/2016 – My internet was down again till now 3.30 pm on 11/05/2016 due to wrong password given by TM.

Today 12/5/2016 – My internet was down after 1 hour use but my computer showed got Internet Access but loading was too slow due to slow speed. Does this equate to “no internet”? I give up.
A lone TM technician came and checked the wiring and said something about “rusty parts” so back came my internet again and hopefully for weeks and not for hours. My grateful thanks of gratitude for the moment.

Latest count of outstanding emails – 1535 only. Phew!

SP Lim
TM Internet 004

6 responses to “Shopping in Little India of Penang

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  1. Such vibrant colors! Nice.

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  2. Colours indeed hypnotising. Great shots

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