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Wesak Charity Dinner 007

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Wesak Charity Dinner 2016

This vegetarian dinner was organized for the senior citizens of various Old Folks Home, handicapped people including children, orphans and the underprivileged last night of Monday 9th May, 2016 at Han Chiang School Hall starting at 7.00 pm. This was timed earlier as we wanted the diners to be back at their homes by 9.30 pm for them to rest as usual. The organizers are the Charity and Welfare Committee of the Penang Wesak Celebrations Main Committee led by Dato Dr Loh Hock Hun. The blogger is a Vice-Chairman of this Committee and also the Chairman for the Procession Committee for the last year. I shall retire next year from the Procession Committee to pave the way for the younger generation to take up the responsibility. I shall remain as Vice-Chairman on the Main Committee.

SP Lim

Note: Apology, my internet is unstable like the waves of the sea – up and down. Now, my outstanding emails had swelled to 1,365 & increasing each hour, and shall take more than a fortnight to be read due to slow snail-paced internet speed in loading. I shall my very best to read these emails.

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My internet was down again till now 3.30 pm on Wednesday, 11/05/2016 due to wrong password given by TM.

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Wesak Charity Dinner 017

Wesak Charity Dinner 016


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