Wesak Procession 2016 from the blogger’s view   Leave a comment

Wesak Day Procession 016

Wesak Day Procession 055

Wesak Procession 2016

The 2016 Procession started off smoothly after an earlier downpour. The blogger started the vegetarian dinner for helpers during the heavy rain. After dinner, the rain was just drizzling until we took our group photographs. After the photographs, the Chief Minister of Penang Tuan Lim Guan Eng arrived and the Ceremony started with speeches. Then, there was the presentation of certificates to the participants from 38 Buddhist bodies and organizations with 34 Floats. Cheques were then presented to other Charitable Bodies in Penang.

Those photographs with the blogger inside were taken by my good friend Bertrand Linet. Some were taken by the blogger as he was walking towards the start of the Procession. There was a bad and big piece of road which was badly tarred and a fork-lift was trapped in the this pot-hole for several minutes. So, the blogger as Procession Chairman stayed at this junction to warn the other participants especially children as safety is the top priority. Two years ago, it was a parked car that stalled the procession until a fork-lift removed this stationery obstacle to the moving procession. It was later found out that this was a rented car parked here by an outstation tourist. Anyhow, the blogger completed the task until the Main Wesak Float had pasted by safely followed by several buses.

Sadhu, Sadhu, Sadhu.

SP Lim

Wesak Day Procession 008

Wesak Day Procession 028

Wesak Day Procession 058

Wesak Day Procession 075

Wesak Day Procession 082

Wesak Day Procession 120

Wesak Day Procession 136

Wesak Day Procession 192

Wesak Day Procession 193


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