Flash-back Images ~ The Dragon Princess Teochew Opera – 2015.10   2 comments

Flash-back Images ~ The Dragon Princess Teochew Opera – 2015.10



DragonPrincess 5D 1269 DragonPrincess 5D 1280 DragonPrincess 5D 1297

DragonPrincess 5D 1664-001

Date: 27 Jun 2015 (Sat) 7pm
@ stage 1, penangpac

Teochew Opera | 潮劇
By Teochew Puppet & Opera House
Teochew Puppet & Opera House and penangpac will present you TALE OF THE DRAGON PRINCESS, a big scale Teochew opera production that should not be missed by every Teochew opera fans.
* In Teochew with Mandarin & English surtitles

龍女海雲花不甘龍宮寂寞,攜婢女珍姑至福州地界遊玩,與途徑福州的書生姜文舉及書僮琴哥不期而遇,因互傾慕而互訂 終身並以龍宮至寶珊瑚花相贈。鯉魚精將此事上奏龍王,龍王盛怒之下,將龍女主僕去鱗剝殼,貶入凡間。

耽誤科期的姜文舉因以珊瑚花治好太后頑疾,被賜金殿面試,以補科期之誤。太后下旨讓宰相招新科狀元爲婿,姜文舉因 與龍女之約而拒婚,卻因相府已廣發喜訊,相府千金被拒而尋求自盡,丞相只得強硬讓二人拜堂完婚。洞房之內,多情千 金女戲弄癡情狀元郎,惱怒的姜文舉一旁閉目養神置之不理。此時恰逢十五月圓之夜,龍女鱗傷劇痛發作,驚醒伊人,始 知相府千金就是意中人,遂以自身鮮血爲公主治傷,而後鯉魚精正率領水族大軍來襲~

* 附設中英文字幕

DragonPrincess 5D 1705 DragonPrincess 5D 1832 DragonPrincess 5D 1303

DragonPrincess 5D 287-001

DATE | 日期 | TARIKH :
27 Jun 2015 (Sat)

TIME | 時間 | MASA :

stage 1, penangpac
檳城表演藝術中心 壹號劇場



2 responses to “Flash-back Images ~ The Dragon Princess Teochew Opera – 2015.10

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  1. Dear Peng, these are all so beautiful photographs, as if I watched the play there… you captured so beautifully. I loved the colourful costumes and etc. And all your posts are amazing. Thank you, Love, nia

    Liked by 1 person

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