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Trial at Kaifang 121

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Teochew Opera ~ Trial at Kaifeng

As part of LFSS and our monthly Teochew Cultural Night, Teochew Puppet and Opera House is proud to present “The Trial at Kaihong” on 26 June (Sunday). “The Trial at Kaihong” is another classic of Teochew opera. The performance comes with live musical accompaniment, provided by Kim Giak Low Choon Puppet Opera Troupe. There will be also Chinese and English subtitles, to facilitate understanding for non-Teochew speakers.
We are honoured to invite famous opera performing sisters Tan Khar Luang and Tan Kah Noi from Singapore to star in this performance. The two sisters, one adept at ‘dan’ (lady ) roles and the other at ‘mo’ (old man) roles, share the stage. Before their retirement, the Tan sisters were the star acts of the prestigious century-old Teochew opera troupe Sin Yong Hua Heng in Singapore.
Mdm Khar Luang is a powerful performer, and she is effortlessly skilled at her craft – her performing voice exuding masculinity; while Mdm. Kah Noi has been dubbed the “Human Cornucopia” and “Nine Voices” in allusion to her versatility and ability to disappear into any role.
This electrifying performance is not to be missed! For queries and/or booking, please call us at 04-2620377 / 012-4853377,e-mail us at teochewoperahouse@gmail.com, or simply send us a message on Facebook!

“The Trial at Kaifeng” synopsis:
Li Tianfu, son of a senior magistrate, abuses his power to marry a commoner woman against her will. The presiding magistrate Wang Zuo conducts the case impartially, taken into custody and tried. However, upon hearing the news, the accused’s mother, Lady Li, rushes to force Wang Zuo to overturn his conviction of her son. Wang, being am upright magistrate, refuses.
Tianfu, in a fit of rage, kicks the aggrieved woman’s father to death. Lady Li orders a household servant to murder a witness, but accidentally causes her own son’s death instead. She then accuses Wang Zuo of killing her son.
Exasperated and backed into a corner, Wang Zuo resigns his magistracy, claps Lady Li in chains, and with her in tow goes to petition the Emperor.
Tan Kah Noi
Tan Khar Luang
Marcus Lim
Tan Saw Ean
Johnny Tan
Lim Chai Lin
DATE: 26 JUNE 2016
TIME: 7:00 – 7:45 PM
LOCATION: Penang Teochew Association
VENUE: 127, Chulia St, 10200 George Town, Penang
ADMISSION: RM 50 / RM25 (student)

Kaifeng (Chinese: 開封), known previously by several names (see below), is a prefecture-level city in east-central Henan, China. It was once the capital of the Song dynasty.
There are currently nearly 5 million people living in its metropolitan area. Located along the southern bank of the Yellow River, it borders the provincial capital of Zhengzhou to the west, Xinxiang to the northwest, Shangqiu to the east, Zhoukou to the southeast, Xuchang to the southwest, and Shandong to the northeast.

Trial at Kaifang 111

Teochew Chinese Opera - Trial at Kaifeng

Teochew Chinese Opera – Trial at Kaifeng

Teochew Chinese Opera - Trial at Kaifeng

Teochew Chinese Opera – Trial at Kaifeng

Teochew Chinese Opera - Trial at Kaifeng

Teochew Chinese Opera – Trial at Kaifeng

The postal romanization for the city is “Kaifeng”. Its official one-character abbreviation in Chinese is 汴 (Biàn). Historically it has also been known as:
Dàliáng (Chinese: 大梁)
Biànliáng (Chinese: 汴梁)
Biànzhōu (Chinese: 汴州)
Nánjīng (Chinese: 南京)
Dōngjīng (Chinese: 東京)
Biànjīng (Chinese: 汴京)\

The name “Kaifeng” first appeared as the area’s name after the Qin’s conquest of China in the second century BC and literally means “expand the borders”. Its name was originally Qifeng (啟封), but the syllable qi was changed to the essentially synonymous kai to avoid the naming taboo of Liu Qi (Emperor Jing of Han).

Inserted by SP Lim from Wikipedia.

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