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Teochew Opera ~ The Trial at Kaifeng – Part 6   Leave a comment

Teochew Opera ~ The Trial at Kaifeng – Part 6


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“The Trial at Kaifeng” synopsis:

Li Tianfu, son of a senior magistrate, abuses his power to marry a commoner woman against her will. The presiding magistrate Wang Zuo conducts the case impartially, taken into custody and tried. However, upon hearing the news, the accused’s mother, Lady Li, rushes to force Wang Zuo to overturn his conviction of her son. Wang, being am upright magistrate, refuses.
Tianfu, in a fit of rage, kicks the aggrieved woman’s father to death. Lady Li orders a household servant to murder a witness, but accidentally causes her own son’s death instead. She then accuses Wang Zuo of killing her son.

Exasperated and backed into a corner, Wang Zuo resigns his magistracy, claps Lady Li in chains, and with her in tow goes to petition the Emperor.

Inserted by SP Lim

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Trial at Kai Hong

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