Developing Your Eye II, Day Four: “Natural World”   Leave a comment





Developing Your Eye II, Day Four: “Natural World”

My submission for the “Natural World” theme is this photograph “Birds in the Mangrove Swamp”. This photograph was taken during our Photographic Society of Penang’s outing to Kuala Sepetang in Perak, another State neighbouring Penang State. Numerous egrets can be found here due to the abundance of food in these mangrove swamps. We are coming to a bend or meander in the river.


SP Lim


Developing Your Eye, Day Three: “Water”

Developing Your Eye, Day Four: “Natural World”



Day Four: “Natural World” — Leading Lines

A good photographer is a constant observer. Out in nature, we have opportunities to watch and study a scene, from big, sweeping changes — like the sky at dusk — to the tiniest details, like the subtle bends in bare branches in the Nevada desert:

Developing Your Eye II, Day Four: “Natural World”

Developing Your Eye II, Day Four: “Natural World”


Today, capture the natural world: snap a moment outside, big or small. From a close-up of a leaf in your backyard to a panorama from your morning hike, we invite you to document this wondrous world around us.

Today’s Tip: While shooting outdoors, look for natural lines that lead your eyes to different parts of the frame. Study the bend of a stream, or the curve of a petal. How can you use these lines in your composition?

Visit the resource page for details. Remember to tag your post with#developingyoureye and check the Reader to see posts from fellow course participants!

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