Developing Your Eye, Day Five: “Connect”   Leave a comment

Developing Your Eye, Day Five: “Connect” 
My submission is the landscape frame of the First Penang Bridge connecting Penang Island to the Mainland. This photograph was taken from Penang Hill.
SP Lim
The First Penang Bridge

The First Penang Bridge

 Day Five: “Connect” — Tag Your Photo

In this age of social media, we hear the word connect often, don’t we? Connect with us on Facebook! Connect with me on LinkedIn! Given what today’s technologies can do, it feels like the world is getting smaller, and we’re more connected than ever.


Day 5 - Connect

Day 5 – Connect

There are many ways to interpret this theme: from a gadget to a handshake, from a bridge to a gathering among friends. What’s yours?

Today’s Tip: Add relevant tags to your post, like “photography.” The image above could also be tagged with “bridge” and “San Francisco.” Tags group your related posts together, help to organize your site content, and tell readers what a post is about. Tags also make it easier for others to find your latest posts in the Reader.

Visit the resource page for details on tagging. Don’t forget to tag your post with#developingyoureye and check the Reader to see posts from fellow course participants!

Cheri and the Team


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