Developing Your Eye, Day Eight: “Treasure”   2 comments





Developing Your Eye, Day Eight: “Treasure”

This is my Day Eight’s submission on the theme of “Treasure” is my snap-shot entitled ” My Treasure Trove ” of antique Nyonyawares including a big Nyonya Antique Teapot from my Grandmother and Great Grandmother’s time.

SP Lim

Developing Your Eye, Day Eight : “Treasure”

Developing Your Eye, Day Eight : “Treasure”

From Wikipedia:-

Peranakan Chinese or Straits-born Chinese are the descendants of Chineseimmigrants who came to the Malay archipelago including British Malaya (nowPeninsular Malaysia and Singapore, where they are also referred to as Baba-Nyonya) and Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia; where they’re also referred as Kiau-Seng)  –  between the 15th and 17th centuries.

Members of this community in Malaysia address themselves as “Baba Nyonya”. Nyonya is the term for the women and Baba for the men. It applies especially to the Han populations of the British Straits Settlements of Malaya and the Dutch-controlled island of Java and other locations, who have adopted Nusantara customs — partially or in full — to be somewhat assimilated into the local communities. Many were the elites of Singapore, more loyal to the British than to China. Most have lived for generations along the Straits of Malacca. They were usually traders, the middleman of the British and the Chinese, or the Chinese and Malays, or vice versa because they were mostly English educated. Because of this, they almost always had the ability to speak two or more languages.

While the term Peranakan is most commonly used to refer to those of Chinese descent also known as Straits Chinese (named after the Straits Settlements; 土生華人 in Chinese; Tionghoa-Selat or Tionghoa Peranakan in Indonesian;Phuket Baba among Thais in Phuket, Thailand), there are also other, comparatively smaller Peranakan communities, such as Indian Hindu Peranakans (Chitty), Arab/Indian Muslim Peranakans (Jawi Pekan) (Jawi being the Javanised Arabic script, Pekan a colloquial contraction of Peranakan) and Eurasian Peranakans (Kristang) (Kristang = Christians of Portuguese and Asian ancestry). The group has parallels to the Cambodian Hokkien, who are descendants of Hoklo Chinese, and the Pashu of Myanmar, a Burmese word for the Peranakan or Straits Chinese who have settled in Myanmar.They maintained their culture partially despite their native language gradually disappearing a few generations after settlement.

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Developing Your Eye II, Day Eight: “Treasure” - the zoomed in version.

Developing Your Eye II, Day Eight: “Treasure” – the zoomed in version.

Developing Your Eye, Day Eight – “Treasure”

Day Eight: “Treasure” — Zoom In

Objects, places, people, moments — we all cherish something or someone. Anything deeply meaningful to you can be a treasure.

A treasure can be grand, like a precious heirloom, or teeny-tiny, like the first plump blackberry of spring atop a tart:

Developing Your Eye, Day Eight: “Treasure”

Developing Your Eye, Day Eight: “Treasure”

Or perhaps it’s the vintage coat passed down from your grandmother, your once-in-a-lifetime trip through the Himalayas, a quiet space in the woods, or your children. What’s your treasure?

Today’s Tip: Get close to your subject. Use the zoom function in your camera, or physically move closer to it. Often, our goal is to capture as much of a scene as we can. This time, zoom in on your subject or a particular detail to tell a more interesting story.

Visit the resource page for details. Remember to tag your post with#developingyoureye and check the Reader to see posts from fellow course participants!

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  1. As always your photographs are so beautiful and I love porcelain so much, Thank you, Love, nia


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