Internet without internet   3 comments

Notice of Apology of Importance.

Internet without internet ………. the uploading speed is so slow until our friendly message showed up –

“There is no Internet connection
Checking the network cables, modem, and router
Reconnecting to Wi-Fi
Running Windows Network Diagnostics”

Our local TM internet is back to the usual problem even though I had upgraded to 8G with additional payment of extra RM10.00 (US$2.50) per month after numerous complaints until I am so tired.

Though my computer showed there is internet access, the uploading speed is so slow that certain portions of a blog did not appear especially the LIKE section. So, my emails associated with WordPress blogs had increased to 1,157 already as I cannot process these emails. Luckily it had not ballooned to 35,000 like Trump’s allegation Hiliary Clinton’s deleted emails, hahaha, though at one time it swelled to 3,500 over!

Apologies for the slower response.

SP Lim


3 responses to “Internet without internet

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  1. I have problems to live without internet


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