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Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia’s Federal Capital   Leave a comment

Kuala Lumpur from the rooftop

Kuala Lumpur from the rooftop.


Back from Kuala Lumpur

Back from KL after attending the 50th Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society’s Seminar and AGM for three days, Got 18 CPD Points for my Pharmacist Registration and another 12 points to go.

Many thanks to my sister and Tini for the assistance and Evelyn Poh for the kind hospitality.

My computer is not working that well as cannot log in at all. Maybe the hard disk is overloaded. Repair first and perhaps pay-day over next two months I can save and can purchase a new one hopefully. Bye to blogging, photography, etc, etc not by using the desktop but use the mobile phone instead.

SP Lim

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