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Tales From The Mamak

15 – 17 Sep 2017 (Fri – Sun)
@ stage 2, Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac)
檳城表演藝術中心 貳號劇場

Comedy Variety | 多元喜劇
* Language : English and local languages

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Having established itself in Kuala Lumpur with three consecutive years of the annual sold-out series, Tales from the Bedroom and the recently well received Tales from the Jamban, Big Nose Productions has finally come home to Penang with their new series – Tales from The Mamak!

Written and directed by Penang’s very own Fa Abdul, Tales from The Mamak is a collection of ten hilarious scenes at the nation’s all time favourite hangout – The Mamak!

From thought provoking messages to rip-roaring scenarios, Tales from The Mamak touches on subject matters revolving around politics, religion, race, immigrants, the economy, social issues and relationships – because in Malaysia, anything can happen in kedai mamak.

Tales from The Mamak will make you look at yourself in the mirror once more, sometimes with disgust. Malaysia Day celebration doesn’t get any better than this!”


從思維挑釁到喧鬧場景,《MAMAK 傳說》將為你揭露最辛辣的政治、宗教、種族、外勞、經濟、社會與人際課題。要知道,這是馬來西亞的 MAMAK 檔,任何傳說皆可行。《MAMAK 傳說》將成為你的良知,照一照鏡子看看是否存有醜惡的影子,尤其在這普天同慶的馬來西亞日!

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SHOW INFO | 演出資訊

DATE | 日期 :
15 – 17 Sep 2017 (Fri – Sun)

TIME | 時間 :
15 Sep 2017 (Fri) @ 8:30pm
16 Sep 2017 (Sat) @ 3pm, 8:30pm
17 Sep 2017 (Sun) @ 3pm

VENUE | 地點 :
stage 2, penangpac
檳城表演藝術中心 貳號劇場

RM 35 for Adults
RM 30 for Students, Physically-challenged, TAS / Senior Privilege Card Holders & Senior Citizens above 60

Early Bird : RM 26.50 (valid until 16 Aug 2017)
Buy 10 Free 1

Group Booking | 團購 :
Contact penangpac @ +604-899 1722 / 2722

Comedy Variety | 多元喜劇
* Language : English and local languages

Tales From The Mamak – the Boss is getting the tea ready.

Tales From The Mamak – The Boss of the Tea Shop and worker.

Tales From The Mamak – The first 2 customers of the day.

Tales From The Mamak – Ordering food and drinks

Tales From The Mamak – The Customers

Apology for the slower upload of additional photographs as my computer and internet was unstable & slow, even with so much money spent by the Malaysian Government buying billions of RM in the purchase Boeing jets and investing in America lately, the internet system is still slow. Heard some comments that even that of Vietnam’s internet speed is faster than us.

SP Lim


Tales From The Mamak ~ The entire team of performers who put up a great presentation and performance. Well done!

Latest news of 15.09.2017 on the weather …

As at 7.00 pm, the rain has somewhat stopped temporarily.

Raining heavily in Penang since last night thus a lot of low-lying areas are flooded. Miss my dental appointment as road to dentist is flooded. Hahaha, great excuse.

SP Lim

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