• Kawan-kawan ( Friends in Malay )
    The April “Penang lang” lunch was organised by Taikor at the Bellevue
    Hotel (in French “beautiful view” Hotel) as a steamboat dinner. From
    beginning to end, Taikor took care of every details, and we all
    enjoyed the evening without any hitch.
    Besides the usual Penang lang’s, hose who were in Penang then were
    lucky to take part: Li Li and Hun Soon from KL, Mubarak from P.
    Dickson, James Wong from Sg and myself from France. The unlucky ones
    left a few days before this event and could not attend: Hoon Eng from
    Sg, Hock Chark from KT.
    We were graced with the presence of the beautiful partners of some of
    our classmates.
    Together with the family of Beng Tatt, we filled up 3 tables
    So, up we went by the cable car, packed with tourists. It was still
    light as we chatted in the cool atmosphere up there in the garden of
    As dusk set in, we settled down as the lights of Penang went on.
    Soon, with everybody in, we dug into a wondersfull steamboat.
    As the evening drew to an end, some group photos eternalised this
    great evening together.
    Thank you, Taikor! ( Big Brother in Cantonese )
    sze meng