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Penang Kew Leong Tong Lim Kongsi’s Management Meeting   Leave a comment

Penang Kew Leong Tong Lim Kongsi’s Management Meeting

The meeting was held yesterday, Saturday 19 August 2017 at 4.00 pm at Clansmen Temple Office.

I am a Committee Member of this Lim Association of those with surname of “Lim”.

SP Lim

The internet in my home is still behaving unsteadily and inconstantly. I have to schedule the future postings –  a few days in advance. I shall view your WordPress posts when I am able to as my outstanding Hotmail emails swell to over 32,000 in number. Apologies.

SP Lim

Penang Kew Leong Tong Lim Kongsi’s Management Meeting


Back from Kuala Lumpur   Leave a comment

Back from Kuala Lumpur

Back from KL after attending the 50th Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society’s Seminar and AGM for three days, Got 18 CPD Points for my Pharmacist Registration and another 12 points to go.

Many thanks to my sister and Tini for the assistance and Evelyn Poh for the kind hospitality.

SP Lim

Scene of Kuala Lumpur with the iconic Twin Towers of KLCC.

Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society, Penang Area Committee’s Annual General Meeting 2016   Leave a comment




Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society, Penang Area Committee’s Annual General Meeting 2016

These are the photographs which I managed to capture at the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society, Penang Area Committee’s Annual General Meeting on Saturday, March 5, 2016 at the St. Giles Wembley Hotel, Magazine Road, Penang.

SP Lim
Sometimes, I rushed and hurriedly publish my post before the internet goes hay-wire again. It took me half-an-hour to upload the 8 photographs. Now I slowly add the tags, etc. My humble apologies in view of these circumstances and for bearing with me. Many thanks.






Annual General Meeting of Photographic Society of Penang   Leave a comment

41st AGM 2015
21 June 2015, 2 pm at the Youth Park info center (Location Map)
Download Notice of 41st AGM >>
Download Rules & Regulations for Amendment


The Nominations papers for the term (2015 & 2016) is now officially closed with the following candidates vying for the post as below. There will be a photo shoot for members attending the AGM after the meeting. Payment for the models will be subsidized by the Society.. Come and support the AGM. We need a quorum of 30 members in order to perpetuate the same number of Committee Members. This would create a check and balance for decisions made by the committee.

Post – / Candidate / Proposer / Seconder

President – Ooi Kok Chuan / Tan Tong Toon / Lee Lat Heng

Vice President – Chuang Kwong Sheuan / Ho Cheng Woh / Ch’ng Shi Ping

Vice President – Ong Tat Seng (Francis) / Yeap Khee Yong / Leong Ho Jin

Hon Secretary – Yeap Khee Yong / Ho Cheng Woh / Tan Tong Toon

Hon Treasurer – Goh Seong Por / Ong Pang Wei / Ho Cheng Woh

Activity Chairman – Ang Chai Oun (Ivan) / Tan Tong Toon / Ong Tat Seng

Chairman – Lim Soo Peng / Goh Seong Por / Ong Pang Wei

1 Committee – Chua Boon Keat / Soon Chin Boon / Ong Chang Cheng

2 Committee – Lee Lat Heng / Chua Boon Keat / Lim Soo Peng

3 Committee – Ong Chang Cheng (Jack) / Chua Boon Keat / Soon Chin Boon

4 Committee – Soon Chin Boon / Ho Cheng Woh / Chua Boon Keat
5 Committee – Tan Tong Toon (Terry) / Goh Seong Por / Ong Pang Wei

6 Committee – Ong Pang Wei / Goh Seong Por / Ho Cheng Woh

7 Committee – Han Luan Siew / Ho Cheng Woh / Chuang Kwong Sheaun

8 Committee – Ch’ng Shi Ping / Chuang Kwong Sheaun / Ho Cheng Woh

9 Committee – Khor Sek Min (Jeff) / Ho Cheng Woh / Tan Tong Toon

10 Committee – Adeline Sam Fei Lin / Lim Soo Peng / Goh Seong Por

11 Committee – Leong Ho Jin / Lim Soo Peng / Lee Lat Heng

12 Committee – Lim Boon Seang / Lee Lat Heng / Goh Seong Por

Hon Auditor – to be appointed

Awards Chairman – to be appointed

Web Master – to be appointed

New Elected Committee for 2015 & 2016

The following have been elected into the 41st PSP Committee:

President Ooi Kok Chuan
Vice President Chuang Kwong Sheuan
Vice President Ong Tat Seng (Francis)
Hon Secretary Yeap Khee Yong
Hon Treasurer Goh Seong Por
Activity Chairman Ang Chai Oun (Ivan)
Chairman Lim Soo Peng
1 Committee Chua Boon Keat
2 Committee Ong Chang Cheng (Jack)
3 Committee Tan Tong Toon (Terry)
4 Committee Ong Pang Wei
5 Committee Han Luan Siew
6 Committee Khor Sek Min (Jeff)
7 Committee Adeline Sam Fei Lin
8 Committee Leong Ho Jin
9 Committee Lim Boon Seang
Hon Auditor Lee Lat Heng
Web Master Ho Cheng Woh, Peter
Awards Chairman Song Jin Tek

The first 7 posts were won uncontested. While the 12 candidates for 9 vacant Committee posts saw some keen contest from the PSP members present.

SP Lim

Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Annual General Meeting in Penang   Leave a comment

Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society Annual General Meeting in Penang
It was held on Sunday, 24 May, 2015 at 10.00am at Bayview Beach Hotel, Batu Ferringi, Penang.As CPD of 2 points were given so I have to attend this Annual General Meeting after paying for my 2015 annual subscription of RM120.00 as the credit card auto-renewal was rejected for “god-only-knows” reason after 2 years’ use.

SP Lim

Sunday of Annual General Meetings   Leave a comment

Sunday of Annual General Meetings of two organizations of which I am the current office-bearer. First was the morning AGM of the World Fellowship of Buddhist Penang Regional Centre where I was re-elected as the Vice-President for the second time. Next was the AGM of Photographic Society of Penang which I am the current Activities Chairman. Election of office-bearers shall be at the next AGM.

SP Lim


Dear Fellow Pharmacists



NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT the Annual General Meeting of the MPS PENANG AREA will be held as follows:

Date: Sunday, 23rd Feb 2014
Time: 11am -1pm followed by lunch
Venue: Evergreen Laurel Hotel Penang

All MPS Penang Area Members are invited to attend.


To receive the minutes for the last AGM held at G Hotel Penang on the 17th March 2013
Matters Arsing – Summary by Chairman and committee
To receive the Annual Report of the Area
To receive the Statement of Accounts duly audited.
Q and A from members.
Election of office bearers


Members attending AGM of Professional Society qualify for 2 CPE Points (under CPD Category B3)

This Event is sponsored by Nuvanta and all pharmacists are cordially invited to attend the CPD talk that starts at 9.30 am .Light snacks and lunch will be served.

Introduction to the MPS
The Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society (Persatuan Farmasi Malaysia) is the national association for pharmacists in Malaysia. Its motto is “Berkhidmat untuk kesihatan rakyat” or translated as “SERVICE TOWARDS A HEALTHY SOCIETY”.

Among the aims of the Society are:

To promote and maintain the honor and interest of the profession of pharmacy
To encourage and further the development of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Education and to foster intra-professional relationship among members.
To improve the Science of Pharmacy for the general welfare of the public by fostering the publication of scientific and professional information relating to the practice of pharmacy and aid in the development and stimulation of discovery, invention and research.
To uphold and enhance the standard and ethics of the profession.
To affiliate an co-operate with any organization as may be deemed desirable in furthering the aims of the Society.
To represent the views of the members in matters affecting the common interest of the profession.
To assist in improving the health services in the country.
To enhance the professionalism of pharmacists, the Society endorsed the Code of Conduct For Pharmacists And Bodies Corporate as established by the Pharmacy Board.
In addition it is a signatory to the Patient’s Charter. The other signatories are the Malaysian Medical Association, Malaysian Dental Association and Fomca. This Charter was signed on 21st August 1995.

The Society also represent the interests of its members and also the general public by having representatives at the Pharmacy Board and the Poisons Board of the Ministry of Health, as well as having interest in the consumers affairs of the Ministry of Trade and Domestic Affairs, and including other Non-Governmental Organizations.

Types of Membership

The Society offers various types of membership:

Ordinary Membership to the Society is open to every pharmacist who on the date of application, is registerable without any restriction under the Pharmacists Act 1952 of Malaysia.
Other types of membership include:
Post-graduate Student Membership
Under-graduate student membership
Associate membership
Association membership
Presently there are two Association members, being Sarawak Pharmaceutical Society and the Sabah Pharmaceutical Society.

The Society also confers Honorary membership, Fellowship, and Pharmacist of the Year Award to deserving individuals. Annually the students are also recognized of their achievement at their respective Universities with the MPS Gold Medallist Award.

International Afflications

The Society’s international affiliation includes:

Commonwealth Pharmaceutical Association
Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Association
Locally, the Society is a member of the Malaysian Professional Centre, or Balai Ikhtiasis Malaysia whose patron is the Prime Minister of Malaysia.

Management & Organisation of the Society

The Society is managed by a team of 17 council members of which 15 are elected to office at Annual General Meetings and hold office for 3 years. The remaining 2 council members are nominated by the Association members, namely the Sarawak Pharmaceutical Society and the Sabah Pharmaceutical Society.

Area committees have also been set up in most states of the country.

Realising the importance of continuing education for its members, the MPS has set up a Malaysian Continuing Pharmacy Education chapter. This Chapter facilitates the running of continuing education for the members and conduct courses throughout the year through correspondence as well as through meetings held throughout the country. Such continuing education is also being pursued and supplemented by the local area committees activities.

Various other chapters and committees have been set up for specific purpose and include:

Building Committee
Clinical Trial Chapter
Community Pharmacy Chapter
Grants and Awards Committee
Hospital/Clinical Pharmacy Chapter
Industrial Pharmacy Chapter
IT Chapter
Jurisprudence Committee
Managed Care Chapter
Newsletter Committee
Pharmacoeconomics Chapter
Regulatory Pharmacy Chapter
Student Affairs Chapter
Telepharmacy Chapter
Veterinary Chapter
Pharmacists and their work

Today pharmacists in this country can be found in various establishments, being:

Government hospitals involve in the pharmacy (patient counseling, drug supply management, ward supply management)
Private hospitals with similar functions as government hospital pharmacist
Community pharmacies
Pharmaceutical trading companies
Factories manufacturing pharmaceuticals
Factories manufacturing health products, cosmetics
Research/analytical laboratories
Universities as lecturers, head of departments
National Pharmaceuticals Control Bureau
Regulatory departments as regulatory enforcement officers
Veterinary companies
The current population of pharmacists in this country is around 2600. This figure is expected to increase at a greater rate in the near future. This will help the pharmacist profession here to be able to fulfill its role as set out in the motto: “Berkhidmat Untuk Kesihatan Rakyat (Service towards a Healthy Malaysian Society)

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