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No posting due to no internet since 02.05.2016   3 comments

There was no posting due to no internet since 02.05.2016. My apologies to friends, fellow bloggers, followers and viewers. The problem is still not solved as the stability of the internet is still questionable. I have an outstanding of 857 emails to go through.

SP Lim


This is Malaysian latest innovative technology, using recycled mineral water bottle for protection and insulation. Found in front of my house and make a laughing stock of the big Telecoms Malaysia Company.

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Leave of absence from Blogging   Leave a comment

To my fellow bloggers and followers,

To earn the additional cost of living for myself with the new GST, I shall be away for a week from home and my CPU. So Happy Greetings and Congratulations to whatever success you achieve when I am not around and also no blogging for the period. Good night, folks.

Hehehe, when I check my Indah Water ( Malaysian company for sewage disposal and cleansing ) bill, there is also 6% GST of RM1.44. When we shit in Malaysia, we also get taxed,…

SP Lim

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