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Life at 62 – Celebrating a Senior Citizen’s Birthday   Leave a comment

Sometimes being on Facebook makes you many cyber-friends and the friends you knew before the internet age. Getting many birthday wishes can be heart-warming and happy as you still have friends who remembered but from the reminder on the Facebook’s birthday list on the right column. So after getting more than 50 birthday wishes to-date. This is my acknowledgement on Facebook ….
“Thank you for the Birthday greetings, so I was thinking of this long-winded statements about my life to-date …
Life at 62 ( like Beatles’ song ” When I am 64 ” )
Life is smooth but sometimes sad passage,
If one can reach this age,
Loneliness strikes as missing loved ones,
My wife, my dad,
So very sad.
Life goes on so, must endure and enjoy,
Younger life was time to toil,
Not financially rich but not overly over-debt,
Still can sleep soundly but mostly over-slept.
( End of Part 1 – shall continue when I come back )

Loneliness can be of one’s choice,
Or one can fill the home with happy, cheerful noise,
With two sons and three dogs,
With a helpful companion so I can still write my blogs,
Find solace in re-starting my photography.
Definitely a great consoling therapy,
Not completely to perfection,
But, doing it to my gratifying satisfaction.

Yes, there is so mush to write but to cut the story short. As Buddha expounded ” Life is uncertain but death is certain ” so we shall live on in whatever circumstances. Take life and death as one’s karma but live on positively – doing more good and lesser or no bad or evil deeds. Sadhu, sadhu, sadhu.

SP Lim

Prayers for my late wife   Leave a comment

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Remembering my late wife’s birthday of 18th October, 2012 as it is quite remarkable in my family, October birthdays are well remembered and easily noted. My sister Cindy’s birthday is on the 16th., followed by my son’s Sean birthday falling on the next day of 17th. and ending with my late wife, Saw Ai’s on the 18th. Ocober of each year. Anyway, back to my prayers for my late wife who had unfortunately left us but still remembered in our hearts. On the morning of her birthday date of 18.10.2012, we offered the birthday prayers with he end ritual of burning paper money and joss paper for her useage. Duties were always a priority even I was still hounded by the headaches of the fall on 13.10.2012. May Buddha bless her.

Soo Peng

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