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The Countries that are still missing from visiting my blog   Leave a comment

The Countries that are still missing from visiting my blog

Though I wanted the whole world to pay a visit to my blog, this is not to my wish as some countries are still at war or suffering human conflicts. World peace is a compulsory requirement. We wish for World Peace and Harmony for All in our life-time.

However, the next question is that has some of these isolated Island Nations have internet connection with the world? I shall google this and find out.

SP Lim

I am extremely happy and gratified that a total of 144 different countries visited my blog since its inception. From my own country Malaysia to Somalia with a few unclassified identified below:-

144. Somalia 1 Chart SO Visitors April 30, 2011
Unknown – Asia/Pacific Region 933 16 hours ago
Unknown – European Union 173 June 12, 2016
Unknown – Satellite Provider 50 September 4, 2012
Unknown – Anonymous Proxy 16 June 9, 2014

SP Lim

The World Globe

The World Globe

Country/ Visitors / Last New Visitor
1. Afghanistan 0 Never
2. Aland Islands 0 Never
3. American Samoa 0 Never
4. Andorra 0 Never
5. Angola 0 Never
6. Anguilla 0 Never
7. Aruba 0 Never
8. Belarus 0 Never
9. Belize 0 Never
10. Benin 0 Never
11. Bermuda 0 Never
12. British Indian Ocean Territory 0 Never
13. Burundi 0 Never
14. Cape Verde 0 Never
15. Caribbean Netherlands 0 Never
16. Cayman Islands 0 Never
17. Central African Republic 0 Never
18. Chad 0 Never
19. Christmas Island 0 Never
20. Comoros 0 Never
21. Cook Islands 0 Never
22. Cuba 0 Never
23. Democratic Republic of the Congo 0 Never
24. Djibouti 0 Never
25. Eritrea 0 Never
26. Ethiopia 0 Never
27. Falkland Islands 0 Never
28. Fiji 0 Never
29. French Guiana 0 Never
30. French Polynesia 0 Never
31. Gibraltar 0 Never
32. Greenland 0 Never
33. Guernsey 0 Never
34. Guinea 0 Never
35. Guinea-Bissau 0 Never
36. Guyana 0 Never
37. Haiti 0 Never
38. Iran 0 Never
39. Jersey 0 Never
40. Kazakhstan 0 Never
41. Kiribati 0 Never
42. Kosovo 0 Never
43. Kyrgyzstan 0 Never
44. Latvia 0 Never
45. Lesotho 0 Never
46. Liberia 0 Never
47. Libya 0 Never
48. Malawi 0 Never
49. Mali 0 Never
50. Marshall Islands 0 Never
51. Martinique 0 Never
52. Mauritania 0 Never
53. Mayotte 0 Never
54. Micronesia 0 Never
55. Mongolia 0 Never
56. Montserrat 0 Never
57. Namibia 0 Never
58. Nauru 0 Never
59. Niger 0 Never
60. Niue 0 Never
61. Norfolk Island 0 Never
62. North Korea 0 Never
63. Palau 0 Never
64. Palestinian Territory 0 Never
65. Republic of the Congo 0 Never
66. Rwanda 0 Never
67. Saint Barthelemy 0 Never
68. Saint Helena 0 Never
69. Saint Martin 0 Never
70. Saint Pierre and Miquelon 0 Never
71. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 0 Never
72. Samoa 0 Never
73. San Marino 0 Never
74. Sao Tome and Principe 0 Never
75. Seychelles 0 Never
76. Sierra Leone 0 Never
77. Sint Maarten 0 Never
78. Solomon Islands 0 Never
79. South Sudan 0 Never
80. Sudan 0 Never
81. Suriname 0 Never
82. Svalbard 0 Never
83. Swaziland 0 Never
84. Syria 0 Never
85. Tajikistan 0 Never
86. The Gambia 0 Never
87. Timor-Leste 0 Never
88. Tokelau 0 Never
89. Tonga 0 Never
90. Turkmenistan 0 Never
91. Turks and Caicos Islands 0 Never
92. Tuvalu 0 Never
93. Uzbekistan 0 Never
94. Vanuatu 0 Never
95. Vatican City 0 Never
96. Virgin Islands 0 Never
97. Wallis and Futuna 0 Never

A Big Thank You For Visiting My Blog. Terima Kasih.

A Big Thank You For Visiting My Blog. Terima Kasih.

June of calamities, poor health and misfortunes   11 comments

June of calamities, poor health and misfortunes

It had become a regular habit to ask for apology and tolerance especially after the good wishes for my mother on her 86th Birthday recently.
After last Sunday’s celebrations, I went to the Outpatients Ward of the Penang General Hospital to look after my left foot which was cut slightly by 2 cm. The wound is growing to about 200 cm with a water-blister. The doctor straight away prescribe antibiotic to me for 5 days – 2 capsules 4 times a day. On Wednesday, I went to see another doctor at the Hospital who said to continue till end of treatment and my wound dressed and cleaned. The blister was cut away and it was quite a painful process. Further dressing shall be done again tomorrow.

This is the end of the third day of treatment and I feeling feverish but unwell even though the swelling has gone a bit. This is the most unfortunate incident I got myself into because of poor unhealthy habit. Health is wealth, folks.

To add to my misfortune, the speed of the internet is so slow that I cannot load any web-sites. Now, I have over 700 outstanding emails. I hope all of you understand my problems and perhaps I have to give up blogging and even photography, all together.

My sincere thousands of apologies to all of you.

SP Lim

Praying for Good Health and World Peace.

Praying for Good Health and World Peace.

Back to my conditional active blogging   2 comments

Wesak Day Morning 017

Wesak Day Morning 021

Back to my conditional active blogging

After Wesak Celebrations so back to blogging and extremely slow & unstable internet connections, So complaining will re-start again!!!
“This site can’t be reached took too long to respond.
Reloading the page
Checking the connection
Checking the proxy and the firewall

My blogging in my local environment is affected by the slow internet connection – a boasted first world country with third world facilities due to corruption and mismanagement from top to bottom, censorship and threats of arrest & jail if we blog the wrong and unfavourable things (my lips are sealed especially politics which I nearly always avoid) and my laziness that I confess. Owing to the recent internet instability for two weeks, I have an outstanding emails of 1,894 in numbers to go through now. The majority is from my fellow bloggers which I shall not delete nor ignore.

Bye and be tolerant as I shall definitely finish this back-log.

SP Lim

Wesak Day Morning 079

The Ohara Floral Arts Team decorating the Wesak Main Buddha Float.

The Ohara Floral Arts Team decorating the Wesak Main Buddha Float.

Wesak Eve Night 100

The Blogger is seen with the Former Chairman Dato Khoo Leong Hun of the Wesak Celebrations Main Committee. The other is the Vice-Chairoerson the 2016 Main Committee. The blogger is also the Vice-Chairman of the 2016 Main Committee apart from being Wesak Procession Chairman.

The Blogger is seen with the Former Chairman Dato Khoo Leong Hun of the Wesak Celebrations Main Committee. The other is the Vice-Chairperson the 2016 Main Committee. The blogger is also the Vice-Chairman of the 2016 Main Committee apart from being Wesak Procession Chairman.

No posting due to no internet since 02.05.2016   3 comments

There was no posting due to no internet since 02.05.2016. My apologies to friends, fellow bloggers, followers and viewers. The problem is still not solved as the stability of the internet is still questionable. I have an outstanding of 857 emails to go through.

SP Lim


This is Malaysian latest innovative technology, using recycled mineral water bottle for protection and insulation. Found in front of my house and make a laughing stock of the big Telecoms Malaysia Company.

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Leave of absence from Blogging   Leave a comment

To my fellow bloggers and followers,

To earn the additional cost of living for myself with the new GST, I shall be away for a week from home and my CPU. So Happy Greetings and Congratulations to whatever success you achieve when I am not around and also no blogging for the period. Good night, folks.

Hehehe, when I check my Indah Water ( Malaysian company for sewage disposal and cleansing ) bill, there is also 6% GST of RM1.44. When we shit in Malaysia, we also get taxed,…

SP Lim

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From the Wayang Photo-Archives of my hacked Blogspot blog   Leave a comment

From my Wayang Photo-Archives
I used to have a Wayang Blog at until it was hacked by Indonesian hackers a few years. Though the Blogspot administrator promised to “repair” my hacked four sites – namely Thoughts of SP Lim, Fascinating World of Chinese Opera/Wayang, Gardening in the Tropics and my Temple blog of Poh Hock Seah, nothing materialized after a few months. Just empty promises and my time wasted in posting in these 4 sites! I am deeply disappointed with this blog site. I am re-posting many photos (in hundreds) from these 4 blogs from Blogspot in future here at WordPress – a more reliable partner in blogging.

SP Lim

2013 in review   Leave a comment

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 16,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Yes, this is report card for 2013 which is worse in number of visitors than in 2012. Hopefully, you all and new visitors can support me in 2014. Thank you in anticipation as I shall strive to do better. Lesser fireworks for me.

Lim Soo Peng, 63
Senior Citizen

World Fellowship of Buddhist (Penang Regional Centre) 60th Anniversary Dinner   Leave a comment

The World Fellowship of Buddhist (Penang Regional Centre) 60th Anniversary and Youth Section 40th Anniversary Celebration Dinner is scheduled for Saturday 14 December, 2013 at Stone Bay Restaurant, Penang as announced in the Press Conference held. A short meeting followed after the Press Conference on the organization of the dinner.

SP Lim
Note on my blogging this week …
I thought I was plagued by another virus on my blog until I assumed that I had run out of storage space of my current 53 G space which I had just renewed on 18/11/2013. An email to inform us on the matter shall be greatly appreciated as we, the bloggers, are also business partners paying “storage charges”. There was a clause somewhere that I can seek a refund of some of the USD $90.00 which I paid so that I can upgrade to 100 G of space at USD $ 160.00. I tried all the options but it is not true at all. I assume that these refunds within a month are NOT applicable to foreigners or non-US residents. So, as the best option available I made the final choice of getting the 25 G space at USD $50.00. After 24 hours, my 2-columned format was back to normalcy. Money works wonder! Yes, nothing is free anymore, sigh.

SP Lim

Drape Your Dashboard In Living Color   Leave a comment

Drape Your Dashboard In Living Color.

More colourful and easier to use the dashboard from today. Definitely, the choice of 8 range of colours was quite difficult but eventually I chose the brown earthly tones. Thanks, WordPress and the administrators for free addition.

SP Lim

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