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Blogging Heaven   Leave a comment

Petaling Jaya area is a heaven for blogging and uploading photographs compared to my home in Penang due to the fast internet speed. So, I am taking the opportunity to upload more photographs plus some blogs and re-date the individual blogs later.
SP Lim

Taking a bus to Patong Beach of Phuket   Leave a comment

We took a bus to Patong during our one week stay in Phuket, Thailand during the Phuket Vegetarian Festival. We just wanted to take a look at Patong Beach development after the devasting tsunami that struck the place some years ago. I was there for our company’s off-site meeting decades ago at the Holiday Inn. The bus is more of a “sheltered lorry with 3 rows of seats – by the side and one in the middle. The fare was 30 Bahts per person. Taking the bus at the Seven-Eleven Store nearby our hostel, we are off to the beach-side town of Patong after waiting for 15 minutes or so. There is a steep climb up the hill and downwards later. After about half hour later we are at the beach crowded with tourists especially white foreigners. After taking a short and drinks, bought from a nearby Supermarket as taught by Bertrand, as drinks served at the coffee shops around here are expensively prices, we are heading back to Phuket town on the next bus. Nothing much as it looked exactly like Batu Ferringhi beach but much more crowded with tourists many folds over. so, we had seen Patong and her beach in one afternoon.

SP Lim

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