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Yam Rice of Bukit Mertajam   Leave a comment

Yam Rice of Bukit Mertajam

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2012 Carnival Hainan at Muntri Street, Penang   Leave a comment

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The 2012 Carnival Hainan was held for the very first time at Muntri Street, George Town, Penang on Sunday, 19 August, 2012 from 9.00 am till 5.00 pm. There are many activities like Hainan Cultural Exhibition, Penang Heritage Treasure Hunt, and not forgetting Hainanese Food with Penang Hakker Food District and Hainan Food Village. It must be well remembered that the Malaysian Chinese of Hainanese descent in Penang are well renowned for their food. Some of these Hainanese worked as cooks for the British during the colonial period and we have the very first fusion of Western and Oriental food till the present day like Chicken Chop, Macaroni Pie, Lamb Stew, Pork Chop and many dishes of fused Western and Eastern flavoured cuisines. Naming of these food already makes my mouth starts to water. Inche kabin aka fried chicken unlike Kentucky Fried Chicken-type, Curry Kapitan, and so many dishes that can still in some famous Hainanese Restaurants like Hai Aun at Burmah Road and my favourite at Shing Kheng Aun Restaurant at Chulis Lane, Penang. Come to Penang and enjoy our multitude of food from so many cultures of the Chinese, Indian, Indonesian and our authentic Malay food. Tasteing is believeing!

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The making of ” Khanom Krok ” by the Thai ladies   Leave a comment

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Khanom Krok is a delicious sweet Thai dessert and simply melts in your mouth. Did you notice the description on the banner as this delicacy comes from Kampong Kura which is translated as Tortoise Village. Hot, sweet and delicious. Ho Chiak!

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