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Four Season dish to start the Dinner   Leave a comment

Four Season dish to start the Dinner

Posted March 20, 2017 by lspeng1951 in Canon, Food and drink

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Our Buffet Lunch at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang.   Leave a comment

Our Buffet Lunch at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang.

Our Buffet Lunch at the Eastern & Oriental Hotel, Penang.

US Potato Culinary Festival Penang   5 comments

US Potato Culinary Festival Penang

We happened to be present at this US Potato Culinary Festival Penang held at Straits Quay, Penang after our photo-shooting at the Butterfly Lovers’ Rehearsal earlier. We had a sampling of US potato chips and other variations. Free food is available for sampling.

SP Lim

Butterfly Lovers 5D 298

Butterfly Lovers 5D 291

Butterfly Lovers 5D 275

Butterfly Lovers 5D 277

Butterfly Lovers 5D 279

Butterfly Lovers 5D 281

Butterfly Lovers 5D 288

Butterfly Lovers 5D 289

Butterfly Lovers 5D 292

Butterfly Lovers 5D 293

Butterfly Lovers 5D 295

Photo 101 ~ Day Nineteen: Double & Rotation   13 comments

Photo 101
Day Nineteen: Double & Rotation

After the instability of my local internet, I got badly bitten on my two left fingers by my small poodle called Baron as he was being bitten by a bigger dog – a Dalmatian named Duke. After two hours of treatment with dressing and an Anti-Tetanus injection at the General hospital. I am back home. According to the doctors at Emergency Ward, my wounds cannot be stitched as there are bacteria present with animal bites. There shall be further dressing tomorrow to change the bandages. Luckily, this is last but one day before the end of the Photo 101 Course – a rather eventful one for me! From my photo archives, I make two submissions of a photograph of two clowns entitled “Double the Fun and Laughter” trying my best to forget the unfortunate incident this morning and the pain. The second is that of two baked crabs ready to be eaten.

Two Clowns

Day Nineteen: Double & Rotation ~ “Double the Fun and Laughter” from the two Clowns

Photograph two shows the baked crabs which had turned red after being fully cooked. These were ready to be eaten. So, for the second time around I must express my sincere apology as my emails has piled again to 200 over and I promise I shall view all these emails relating to your blogs and posts as soon as I can possibly can.

Day 19 ~ Double & Rotation

Day Nineteen: Double & Rotation ~ “Double the Enjoyment and Food Offering” from the two baked Crabs

As there was no necessity to rotate these two photographs, I have no attempt to rotate these two snap shots.

My two injured fingers

My two injured fingers

My two injured fingers

My two injured fingers

SP Lim

Photo 101
Day Nineteen: Double & Rotation

Your twin sisters. Your neighbor’s two poodles. Your vision during a dizzy spell. Your doppelgänger.

Double can be interpreted in many ways. Here’s our take, courtesy of two yellow lines on a colorful street in East London, England:

There’s one more day left in this course — have fun with this one!

Today’s Tip: Sometimes, you might wish an image were oriented differently — maybe you want a vertically-focused image to be horizontal, so you can use it as a header image:

Photo 101, Day Nineteen: Double & Rotation‏

Photo 101, Day Nineteen: Double & Rotation‏

Here, we’ve rotated the original to create a horizontal version.

You, too, might need to rotate an image occasionally. After you upload images to your dashboard, you can use them in various ways — embedded right in your post, inserted in a gallery, or displayed as Featured Images.

Photo 101, Day Nineteen: Double & Rotation‏

Photo 101, Day Nineteen: Double & Rotation‏

Themes display Featured Images in different ways. Check this list to see if your theme supports Featured Images.

You can use the rotation tool in your Media Library to change the orientation of an image, and use the new version in areas like your blog’s header. Access this tool in your Media Library, where you learned to crop your images:

When viewing an image in your Media Library, click Edit Image.
Use the two rotation icons — the second and third icons from the left — to set and save your desired orientation.

Photo 101, Day Nineteen: Double & Rotation‏

Photo 101, Day Nineteen: Double & Rotation‏

If you prefer not to use the tool in your Media Library, try the rotation feature in your preferred software or image editor — like Photoshop, Lightroom, PicMonkey — or your favorite mobile app.

Josh R. and the Team

The old Theatre and the Restaurant   Leave a comment

The old Theatre and the Restaurant
I took these photographs during a short street shooting stint – on the way back from breakfast at Macalister Lane, Penang. I has not been to Macalister Lane for some years even I stayed in Penang. Now, even Ah Hock’s Koay Teow Th’ng has a female assistant to help him. The contents of the noodles in the bowl was smaller and was charged for RM4.00 for the bowl. Taste is lesser delicious in my opinion. I regret that Economy Rice stall had closed for sometime as the Fried Fish in sambal/chillies was a delicious dish. The koay kak or fried small chunks of rice cakes was still delicious as usual with the nasi lemak in packets they were selling. Parking the car opposite at Jalan Khoo Sian Ewe and Jalan Phee Choon (next to Penang Police HQ), there was an old theatre which we used to patronize with my parents and my younger in the past. Was it known in Hockien or Thai Wah or was it Teong Sun? Must be the Majestic. Now, it is being restored for some use as George Town of Penang is now the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site thus old colonial-styled or other old existing buildings cannot be pull down anymore. No new buildings higher than 4 storeys are allowed to be built in this heritage zone.
Noticed an old VW van parked by the Loke Thye Kee Restaurant at the corner. This restaurant use to serve delicious Hainanese cuisine in the past. Now, it served halal (without pork) Hainanese-styled food.

SP Lim

The 2015 Heritage Celebrations of George Town, Penang   Leave a comment

The 2015 Heritage Celebrations of George Town, Penang

George Town Heritage Festival Talk : Nyonya Festival Food   Leave a comment

Speaker: Dr Ong Jin Teong ( happens to be the elder brother of my Jaycee friend Ong Jin Leong )

Date: Sun, 5 July | Time: 2pm – 3pm | Language: English
7月5日(日)| 下午2时 – 3时 | 媒介语:英语

Dr Ong Jin Teong ‘s talk elaborates on the Nyonya dishes served during festivals – Chinese New Year, Cheng Beng, Dumpling and mid-Winter festivals, and for significant occasions like birthdays and a baby’s first month. It will delve into the mainly Malay and Hokkien origins of Northern Nyonya cuisines, as well as its Indian, Thai and English influences.


Dr Ong Jin Teong, a professional engineer and retired professor from the Nanyang Technological University is the author of Penang Heritage Food, which is about cooking traditional Penang food and heritage related to food. Born to a Nonya family, he was exposed to cooking at home at an early age.

Inserted by SP Lim

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