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1-VietnamPhotoExpedition Day 5 4818More portraits from Vietnam
I was editing the above photograph this morning until my son said he was not well. Firstly he went to the dentist and was told to go the Emergency Ward of Penang Adventist Hospital to be admitted because of the bad swelling. After spending a whole afternoon there and seeing him being warded and treated with IV drip of antibiotic, I came back home to rest. He has to be warded for 3 days because of the medical treatment.
As a widower, I shall see him only tomorrow.

SP Lim
PS So one edited photo for today as I am not in any state to edit any more photographs.
Good night, folks.

1-VietnamPhotoExpedition Day 5 28851-VietnamPhotoExpedition Day 5 3712

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