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Back from Kuala Lumpur   Leave a comment

Back from Kuala Lumpur

Back from KL after attending the 50th Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society’s Seminar and AGM for three days, Got 18 CPD Points for my Pharmacist Registration and another 12 points to go.

Many thanks to my sister and Tini for the assistance and Evelyn Poh for the kind hospitality.

SP Lim

Scene of Kuala Lumpur with the iconic Twin Towers of KLCC.


Iconic Petronas Twin Towers of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   Leave a comment

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I also did not bring my laptop so no internet communications. Need to concentrate on the Conference – talks, seminars, oral sessions as need to clock up 30 points from continuing education to get 2013 Pharmacist Registration as required by law. Never too OLD to update our knowledge. Never miss my Hokkien Char or Tai Lok Mee while in KL/PJ.
As KL was raining, photoshooting was done on a shoot-and-run basis …
After a tiring bus trip from KL, I am back. The weather in and around was raining most of the time so do not expect any good photos. Paid dearly for not bringing my tripod as too heavy.

SP Lim

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