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Lightning strike “fried” our modem / routers   Leave a comment

As Buddha said, life is uncertain but death is certain, so after the TM technicians fixed the internet for it to go faster a bit, we had this thunderstorm last four days ago. With the strike of a single bolt of lightning, both our Wi-Fi Modem/Routers lost their “lives”. I am back to square one with slower internet but at least online again.
My elder son. Sean has a modem/router for his work and I hitched on his broadband while Shin has another one for his online studies with TAD of USA. So, two modem/router had to be replaced. Sean bought onr for RM399.00 while Shin has also need to purchase for his submission of his course assignments.

Malaysia Tak Boleh – Telekoms Malaysia charges a lot and lousy service. When my son called for help to connect to internet with new router and modem, they tell you to go to seek help from the computer shop you buy from! What ridiculous service provider! The other son complained straight to the Manager and had better response.

SP Lim

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