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More photographs on my father’s wake for 5 days – Part 2   Leave a comment

More photographs on my father’s wake for 5 days – Part 1. There are so many shots taken by my photographer friends and myself so I can randomly choose these photos for record sake. Thank you to my photographer friends and to one & all relatives and friends for assisting and kind attendance our family during our bereavement.

SP Lim

My Grandfather’s Story Part 4   1 comment

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I simply describe one’s feeling as one views upon the skeletal remains of my Grandfather whom I had never met in my life. Was it is great sadness or happiness as one can take a look after his untimely death over 70 years ago, but I would say my emotion was neutral with a bit of pride thrown in. The descendants from his DNA had done reasonably well in face of the circumstances. My paternal uncle Lim Ban Seng was only 3 years old when he passed away at a reasonably young age as we had no record of even his birthday. All we knew from oral narrations, he died a poor man with a young family of six young children made up of 4 girls and 2 boys. My paternal uncle Lim Ban Seng was the youngest in the family. As for my paternal Grandmother, Chuah Guat Sim, had passed away at ripe old age while I was taking my Senior Cambridge / Malaysian Certificate of Education for Form 5 in 1968 or was it my Lower Certificate of Education (LCE) for Form 3 in 1966 ?. Shall double check with my mother. My eldest Aunty who was married to a Singaporean, had passed on many years ago. My second Aunty or Jee Koh had also passed away two years ago. My third Aunty or Sar Koh is in a nursing home while my fourth Aunty or See Koh is staying in Petaling Jaya with poor eyesight. My father, Lim Khuat Seng @ Lim Wooi Boon is also weak and wheelchair-bound. The youngest member of the Lim Family is my Uncle or Ah Chek is Lim Ban Seng staying in Sungai Nibong, Penang.
Yes, I am proud to say our Lim Family has done well and survived the hardship and hard times after being afflicted by the early premature death of my grandfather. As from my mother’s oral narration, it was due to the diligence and tireless effort of my Great Grandmother who was said to have struck the second prize of a Lottery then, with a prize money $30,000.00.
Back to the present moment, the skull of my Grandfather was still complete as I described like in the “pirates” flag of skull and cross bones. His skeletal remains of his hands and legs are quite big and long indicating that he was a person of big size and height. Apart from these skeletal remains, we found a corroded metallic pendant and three British Settlement Coins including a 1920-dated 10 cents coin and two unidentified copper coins. Another interesting find a set of 10 items or so of clay. From the photograph, do you know what are these items which I had asked earlier on my Facebook Timeline.

SP Lim

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