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A Quick Trip to Singapore 4   Leave a comment

A Quick Trip to Singapore 4

A Quick Trip to Singapore


Teochew Puppet and Opera House ~ 潮藝館   Leave a comment


The Puppets at the 潮藝館 (Teochew Puppet & Opera House)Museum

潮藝館 (Teochew Puppet & Opera House)
Teochew Puppet and Opera House
122 Lebuh Armenian, George Town, Penang Island 10200, Malaysia
Tel: +60 4-262 0377

This museum houses a great and wide collection of iron rod Teochew puppets or marionettes, theatre Wayang costumes and head gears, musical instruments and other related general theatre regalia to both puppets and human performers. It has a permanent well-curated exhibition of many exquisite Teochew puppets or marionettes and also combining the craft of Teochew Chinese Opera with friendly and knowledgeable curators. There is a small opera stage for staging live performance of puppet shows as scheduled by them and stated on their Facebook link below.

This small museum is found in a prewar double-storeyed shophouse along Armenian Street in the Heritage Enclave of George Town – a UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Thus this area is a heritage protected zone as gazetted by UNESCO. Some visitors can have their make-up applied as Teochew opera performers with payment of a small fee.

潮藝館(Teochew Puppet & Opera House)is a nice museum that gives you a deeper understanding of Teochew Chinese Puppet Theatre in Malaysia, in general and in Penang, in particular. This dramatic art form combines literature, music and drama with elaborate costumes and heavy make-up. It is really heartening to see this Teochew dramatic art form is being kept alive by this Goh family who is also unselfish and happy to impart their knowledge to others. A small fee of RM10.00 (Foreign Tourist) and RM5.00 (Local) is charged for entry per person.

Ms Ling Goh must be acknowledged as the innovator and prime mover of the establishment of the above Museum ~ 潮藝館 (Teochew Puppet & Opera House)

SP Lim

Wayang Series   Leave a comment

Wayang or Chinese Opera series featured my photos taken during the Hungry Ghost Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival season.

SP Lim

Start of the Month of the Hungry Ghosts   Leave a comment

Tomorrow marks the start of the Month of the Hungry Ghosts. This is my busy period of photo-shooting of the Chinese Opera whether in Teochew, Hokkien or Cantonese dialects. These are some the sample photographs which I took in 2013 and just edited just now. There are many thousands in my photo archives to edit and hopefully I do so over the coming months before the new ones start to accumulate. The month of the Hungry Ghosts is the season when we can see a lot of Chinese Opera around the city. For this year, the start the month of the Hungry Ghost will begin Sunday 27th July, 2014. Watch out for the Chinese Opera photos that shall start rolling in if my internet is up to the mark of uploading my shots.

SP Lim

The Six Generals from the Chinese Opera / Wayang   Leave a comment

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The usual Birthday Tribute Ceremony to the Diety varies from local or “imported” Chinese Opera Troupes and also the Chinese dialects ie Teochew Chinese Opera, Hokkien Chinese Opera, Cantonese Chinese Opera and now hardly seen in Penang, the Chinese Opera in Hakka and Hainanese dialects. The latter Troupes are said to be still seen in Johore Baru, Johore of Southern part of Peninsular Malaysia. These six generals will usually start off this ceremony in such elaborate and colourful costumes.

SP Lim

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The Temple of Light of ChaoZhou, China   2 comments

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Unique tour of the “fort” and Temple of Ligtht using a tram-car travelling towards the Temple of Light which is currently under renovations. One interesting thing to note in China, only local Tourist Guide is allowed to show the the local tourist spots for example in ChaoZhou only the tourist guide from ChaoZhou is allowed to show us around.

SP Lim

Teochew Puppet Show at the Hungry Ghost Festival, George Town, Penang   1 comment

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It is indeed quite rare to see such Puppet Show in George Town with the Chinese dialect in Teochew. This type of Puppet Show is from Bukit Mertajam and made its appearance in George Town’s Wayang circuit a few years back. I had actually missed shooting this Puppet Show with the Puppet Mistresses ( sorry not Masters as females are in control ) last year as it was raining then and the show also ended. I was busy during the July 2011 George Town Festival and also missed the opportunity of photographing them. Perhaps I shall go and shoot again tonight.

SP Lim

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