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In memory of the late Seevaraju Muniandy   Leave a comment

In memory of the late Seevaraju Muniandy (more popularly called Raju).
His residence is at 18, Gerbang Erksine, Penang and the funeral is scheduled at 2.00pm, this coming Saturday, 14 November, 2015.
He was our Vice-Chairman of Penang Wesak Procession Committee which he served diligently and loyally for over 45 years.
“Life is uncertain – Death is certain” This is a well-known saying in Buddhism. Knowing very well that death is certain and it is a natural phenomenon that everyone has to face, we should not be afraid of death. Yet, instinctively, all of us fear death because we do not know how to think of its inevitability. We like to cling to our life and body and so develop too much craving and attachment.
Venerable K. Sri Dhammananda
May his soul rest in eternal bliss with the blessings of Lord Buddha.
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