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Outrage at the Outage at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter …. maybe   Leave a comment

There was an “outage” at Facebook on last Monday or Tuesday nights 26/01/2015 or 27/01/2015 as reported by CNN. I was billed USD5.00 on an internet transaction on that night via my credit card as I was on the internet. This information of this unauthorized transaction using my Visa credit card, was sent by SMS to me luckily. Reported to the bank and it shall take one week for the transaction to be finalized as they cannot check currently.Have to re-contact them again in one week’s time. Luckily it is only USD5.00 but the bank personnel said they might “re-hack” again and use the card. He said normally a new card shall be sent. Please check your accounts.
I was on the internet doing my blog at I think WordPress was also affected as I got an extra comment appearing in my dashboard about winning a prize and have to click on a link to take a 5-seconds survey. However, I did not even dare to think about winning the prize as this is a trick! It never pay to be greedy.

SP Lim

“From (CNN)

For about an hour this morning, humans across the world were briefly forced to interact with each other in person.

Shortly after 12:10 a.m. ET, Facebook and Instagram went down, leaving millions of users around the world briefly unable to post selfies or humblebrag.

Visitors were greeted with a message that said, “Sorry, something went wrong.” For others, the page wouldn’t load.

The outage affected a large portion of the United States, according to Users across Asia, Australia and New Zealand also reported having trouble logging on.

“We’re aware that many people are currently having trouble accessing Facebook and Instagram,” Facebook spokeswoman Charlene Chian told CNN. “We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible.”

But an hour is an eternity! Without Facebook, how are you supposed to know which friends are having birthdays? Without Instagram, are you supposed to just describe your dinner?

People quickly took to Twitter. And the outage quickly spawned a hashtag, #facebookdown.”

  • Shortly after 12:10 a.m. ET, Facebook and Instagram went quiet
  • The outage affected users from around the world

Facebook, Instagram briefly go down; Twitter freaks out”

Blogging 201, Branding and Growth: Day One – My Goals in Blogging   Leave a comment

Blogging 201, Branding and Growth: Day One

Why do I blog?
Just quite recently, I had started on the process of rebranding and changed the old version to this new name below:-
S.P.’s Space of 6 T’s
Why the long-winded name for my BLOG at
1. Taste = Food, drinks be it exotic, spicy, hawkers’ fare, anything edible food items,
2. Theatre= Concert, Wayang or Chinese Opera, Puppet Shows, Gotai, Cultural Shows, Snake Show, Dog Shows,Cat Shows, Horse Shows, Short Film Fest like Tropfest, photographs of Wayang aka Chinese Opera are among the largest in the Asia and perhaps, the world, as I still have thousands un-posted in my photo archives,
3. Thoughts = my opinion on current issue may be political, non-political, any issue and subject under the sun,and on hobbies,
4. Time = subjects on historical issues and things, heritage buildings and related items, antiques, collectibles, watches and clocks, age, historical facts – distorted or real, family ties, family tree, Penang Cultural History, multi-racial, multi-cultural and multi-religious events in Penang and around the region and the world, if I happen to travel there,
5. Travels = holiday travels within Malaysia and if lucky overseas – hopefully under the sea and in space, in the polar regions if opportunity is given,
6. Treatments = as a retired Healthcare practitioner/Giver, it is my duty to share pharmaceutical and medical and even herbal remedial facts for those who are not well versed in these area as part as my contributory service to the community without obligation, I never image my one blog on “Sabah Snake Grass” has so much traffic and profitable to the vendors selling this herbs without any commission to me! If you do not like the article, please refrain from writing any nasty and insulting. I shall take great offense on these stupid and unwarranted comments! I hope you shall benefit from this short blogs of the contents therewith after consulting your doctors and seeking information on these herbs.

My Goals:

1. To become Penang’s biggest Photo Blog amd perhaps Malaysia’s biggest Photo Blog by end of December 2014.
My current passion is photography and I shall try to post as many as possible on this blog but space on WordPress costs money but as a retired senior citizen, I shall try to maximise the usage as much as possible with minimum cost. Assist me to purchase the photo stocks that might interest you here in this blog.
So please help me to achieve my this year’s target of getting 150,000 VISITORS to my blog – S. P.’s Space of 6 T’s – Tastes, Theatre, Thoughts, Time, Travels, and Treatments. Uploading photographs in our country is trying sometimes and requires a lot of patience due to the unstable speed and slowness. Sometimes, I suffer from no internet for a few days from the service provider.So, please excuse me in advance if there is no blog for some days.

2. To increase my average daily hits 50% by December 31st. in order to reach 150,000 visitors
My current count of visitors as at April 15. 2014 is 62,345 Visitors
The number of page views is recorded as 61,459 which I suspected is wrong as some of the figures were erased off during a virus scan operation. As I had earlier transferred from another site known as My Space, I lost around 50,000 visitors in the tally of visitors to the older blog. Hopefully, I shall be more diligent in writing more interestingly.

3. Establish a new weekly feature ” Witty Wednesday ” on my blog by April 30th. 2014, and publish that feature each week through May 30th. 2014
As I see in our present community in Malaysia, the standard of written English had dropped very badly due to certain political policies. By using a few good English books as reference, I shall blog on use of correct English as a feature weekly blog called ” Witty Wednesday “. Hopefully, I can reach out to readers to assist them.

My sincere thanks and Kamsiah (thank you in Hokkien – a Chinese dialect) from a ever grateful Senior Citizen.

Lim Soo Peng R.Ph., MMPS.,
B. Pharmacy (Hons)

TriptoGuaKelam SD 017-001

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Heartbleed Security Update. by the Numbers: The February Hot List   Leave a comment by the Numbers: The February Hot List.

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Impressive stats. Perhaps, we can get break-down by countries in future.

SP Lim

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Learning afresh   Leave a comment

Yes, indeed off to a fresh start in 2011 as my Spaces blog migrated to WordPress. Have to redesign and upload the number of photo albums in Skydrive to make this blog with more photos.