From the border to the Stainless Steel Pagoda of Hatyai, Songkla, Thailand   1 comment

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After leaving the Malaysian border, we headed towards the Sadao Thai Immigration Check-point. A “sea of humanity” straightway hits one eye as we approached the place. Thousands were seen with queues of hundreds as I commented that these massive number of tourists should make our Chief Minister of Penang Lim Guan Eng extremely happy if they are to come to Penang. The scene was worse as we cursed ourselves we should had started off at 5.00 am or earlier. We queued at the outer lane 9 as lorries and trailers going into Thailand zipped by us. After 1 1/2 hours, we were getting nowhere as there are groups overtaking us from the front and side. There was security to enforce queueing at all. To add to the chaotic situation, there were super bikers roaring into Thailand because of a super bike event in Hatyai and adding to the queue in front! However after railings were put up by a Thai Immigration Officer, the situation improved and our passports were stamped and chopped within 1/2 hour later. The Immigration Officer inside was calm and focussed on his duty but there is a big garbage bag filled with bahts – his incentives, I think as we paid 10 bahts each for his diligence. We boarded the van and we are off to Lee Garden Hotel for buffet lunch. Why? Our tour leader told us that there is a 50% discount for senior citizens like us, cheap skates. Next was to the Stainless Steel Pagoda on a small hill nearby Hatyai.

SP Lim


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  1. stainless steel pagoda is worth visiting, especially night. Beautiful shining pagoda !


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