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Yosakoi Parade & Carnival 2016   Leave a comment

Yosakoi Parade & Carnival 2016

Yosakoi (よさこい)
is a unique style of dance that originated in Japan. Yosakoi started in the city of Kōchi in 1954, as a modern rendition of Awa Odori, a traditional summer dance. Yosakoi-style dancing has spread throughout much of Japan. The style of dance is highly energetic, combining traditional Japanese dance movements with modern music. The choreographed dances are often performed by large teams. Along with a number of professional yosakoi schools and town dance teams, yosakoi is also a popular event during the sports festivals held by Japanese elementary, junior, and senior high schools. Yosakoi participants include men and women of almost all ages – sometimes within a single team. In the dialect of Tosa province (modern-day Kōchi Prefecture), “yosakoi” means “Come at night.”

Yosakoi 2016

Penang Yosakoi Parade & Carnival is back again! The 3rd Installation.
This year’s Penang Yosakoi Parade 2016 has a different line up from the 2nd or 1st Installation.

Programme List for this year’s event.
– Star Wars Troopers
– Perlis School Yosakoi Team ( SM Sultan Abdul Halim )
– Kedah School Yosakoi Team
– St Georges School Yosakoi Team
– Jumping Balls
– Pokok Sena Yosakoi Team
– SM Sains Kepala Batas Yosakoi Team
– Jin Zumba – Mary
– Parade Bus Ride
– MBPP Dancers
– MBPP Junior Dancers
– Tenby kids Water Mikoshi
– Regular Mikoshi – Mushinkan
– Kendo paraders
– Conny Zumba
– Conny Dancers
– CURE Cosplay Parade (CCP)
– Independent Cosplayers
– Yosakoi Light Box
– KL Yosakoi Team
– Penangpac
– Prince of Wales School Dancers
– Entopia Bus

Yosakoi2016 050

– Kingyo Sukui
– Ghost Maze Runner
– Splash Mob (Water Bombing Session)
– Cure Cosplay Collection (CCC)
– Entopia
– Kingyo Sukui
– Kimono
– Splash!
– 3D Trick Art Booths
– Ghosthouse
– Bazaar Stalls
– Carboot Sale
– Penang Yagura Tower

Check It out During Event! There are more to be listed.

Special Program List:
– CURE Cosplay Parade
– CURE Cosplay Collection

Yosakoi2016 042

Pre-PYP 2016 @ Town Hall
1200 – Japan Martial Arts Demo
1800 – Japan Martial Arts Demo Conclusion
PYP 2016 @ Esplanade, Town Hall
1630 – Matsuri Preparation
1700 – Bazaar Opening
1730 – Parade Preparation
1800 – Carnival ON!
1830 – Parade Commence
2030 – Parade Conclusion
2100 – Carnival Show STARTS
2200 – Carnival Show Intermediary
2230 – Carnival Chill Grounds
2300 – Event Ends


Updated 12 March 2016.

Yosakoi2016 005

For tomorrow, I shall post after editing the photographs of the thousand over photographs for my Photo 101 week-end assignment ” Yosakoi Parade 2016 Part 1 ” so watch out and look for this post. Thank you for your kind co-operation as internet is slow and unstable including my desktop computer maybe infected by virus.

Lim Soo Peng
Senior budding photographer in training under Blogging University – Photo 101.

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