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Weekly Photo Challenge ~ Dance ( Sky Dragon & Little Malaysian Indian Girls)   3 comments


There’s rhythm and motion all around us — this week, let’s capture some of it in a photo.

As for my Weekly Photo Challenge by Ben Huberman, I offer two entries of the Dances of the Sky Dragon & Little Malaysian Indian Girls :-

(1). Dance of the Sky Dragon

CNY Dragon Dance

The Dance of the Sky Dragon

(1). Dance of the Sky Dragon

This is a night photograph which I had taken during the recent Chinese New Year Celebration in George Town, Penang. It showed a lighted Dragon “dancing among the clouds” by a local Dragon Dance Troupe made of youths of a martial arts association. The blurry head of the Dragon showed the mysterious creature of the heavens and the speed it moved.

(2). The Dance of the Little Malaysian Indian Girls.

Dance at CNY Celebrations

The Dance of the Little Malaysian Indian Girls.

(2). The Dance of the Little Malaysian Indian Girls.

Malaysia is a truly a multi-racial, multi-lingual, multi-religious and multi-cultural country so Penang is no exception. This dance troupe of Malaysian Indian girls is dancing an Indian Cultural Dance originated from India. Malaysia’s Tourism tag-line is ” Malaysia – Truly Asia ” – mainly Malays, Chinese, Indians, Dayaks, Ibans, Kadazans and many other races.

SP Lim
Of Malaysian Chinese descent.



by Ben Huberman
When I let my brain loose, allowing it to absorb what’s around me without trying to process anything in particular, what it often detects is choreography — unmistakable dance moves, often in unexpected places.

It can be the organized chaos of a subway platform at rush hour, with hundreds of people making their way in and out of trains without missing a beat. Sometimes it’s a team of cooks frenetically at work in a restaurant’s open kitchen, or a flock of puffins swimming in tandem with the precision of a corps de ballet.

Or it can be palm trees in the California desert, swaying and rustling on a recent afternoon after a surprise storm shook them out of their midday stupor.

Photo – not included

In this week’s challenge, share a photo of something that appears like dance to you — whether you choose to focus on objects, animals, or people (actually dancing, or not), try to capture the rhythm in their movement.

I look forward to seeing your photos!

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