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Weekly Photo Challenge – Harmony in Music by the School Band   3 comments

St Patrick Day 282

“While ambling through the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago this past weekend, I ended up face to face with a wall of the most intricate sheet music I’ve ever seen. The music it details played in the background, my ears appreciating what my eyes struggled to parse.

The notes marched, snaked, swirled, and skipped across the page, the notation ranging from complex but clear to chaotic and labyrinthine. But to the musicians who knew how to interpret it, it described a beautiful harmony: a “combination of simultaneously sounded musical notes… having a pleasing effect.”

Of course, harmony also has a meaning outside of the world of music: “the quality of forming a pleasing and consistent whole.” I look forward to seeing harmony — a photo that is, or makes you feel harmonious — through your eyes.”


My Weekly Photo Challenge on “Harmony”

In quite similar musical arrangement as the orchestra, the school band also has different musical scores for the different musical instruments in the school band. Thus the resulting blending or combination of these different musical instruments like drums and different wind instruments do produce a resulting musical masterpiece of harmonious sound. We thus produce a “Harmony in Music” in a marching tempo.

SP Lim

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